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Lilach Peled-Charny was born in Boston in 1954 and raised in Israel. She completed her MA degree in Religious Studies at the Hebrew University and studied photography at the Musrara School for the Visual Arts in Jerusalem from 1990 to 1994.  
Peled-Charny divides her time between the artist colony of Ein Hod and Tel Aviv.  Her work deals with the world of theater and literature, industry and mining, urban settings, and intimate interiors.  It has appeared in individual and group exhibitions in Israel, Germany and Canada and on book covers and posters.
Peled-Charny's photography is a part of the
 JAG Gallery collection in Paris and is being shown at the Ein Hod Gallery.  

Since her solo exhibition in Montreal in 2018 she has been represented by Galerie d'Art LSB, Montreal, QB, her work is sold on the gallery's website.

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